No sign-in Users do not have profiles


I have a free account and I can’t find the “No sign-in Users do not have profiles” field. I set it to Public and my “Privates Users” account is growing! Would it be possible to have a clear explanation to set a usage without login, thank you for your help.


You don’t have that “Anyone” box checked, which means that you are restricting who can sign in to your App. By definition, this makes every signed in user a Private User.

If you don’t want Signed In users to be counted as Private users, then you must allow anyone to sign in to your App.

Thank you for your answer but how can I have only visitor connections?

Like this:

Sorry but this option is not visible in my Glide!
How do I get it to appear?

That’s odd.

Which plan are you on?
What happens if you switch it to Private and back to Public - does the option appear?
What if you log out of your Glide account and log back in again?

Normally For Individuals, I switch between private and public nothing and disconnect nothing changes. How to check its plan? Thanks

If you don’t know which plan you’re one, then that probably means that you’re on a free plan. You can check that on your Billing dashboard.

Anyway, I have no answer for you at the moment, as I’ve never seen that. But I’m trying to find out.

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Strange thing or bug, I looked at my plan it is free. Thanks for your help.

Okay, I have an answer.

There is a difference between Pages and Apps.
The “No Sign In” option is only available in Pages, not in Apps.
Assuming that yours is an App, that’s why you don’t see that option.

Yes I did apps but how to get visitors?

As I said, that option is only available in Pages.
It is not available in Apps.

The best you can do is set sign in to optional, and allow anyone to sign in.
With those settings (as long as you don’t assign any roles), then any users that sign in will count as public users, and those that don’t will count as visitors.


Yes I have set up my apps as you suggest. I will test with a page creation if I can reproduce the same thing. Thank you I will keep you informed in the next few days.