"Public with required sign-in" feature

I want specific users to use my app.
My goal is selecting users by email.

Is this achievable with the “Public with required sign-in” feature?
How many users can I set? Does it depend on a plan?

Yes, it is. But all users will be counted as Private Users.

Correct. It depends on your Subscription Plan.

The below might help:


Thank you very much.

I don’t require specific users to use specific features.
(All users will utilize the same contents)
I just want to make a determination for app usage based on Email addresses.
In this case, would these users be counted as “public Users”?

No. If you restrict who can sign in to your App, then every user that does sign in will be counted as a Private User.

Users are only Public if you allow anyone to sign in.

I apologize for asking multiple times.

I want to stick to “Public Users”.
Even if it involves manually inputting the email adress, is there any method available?
If you have some idea, please teach me.

Thank you very much.

So anyone can sign in, but only a subset of users can use your app?

Maybe you can add a column named “Approved” in your users table, and use tab visibility to only show tabs to people who have that column checked?

Then, use row owners in all tables to make sure users who sign in are only downloading their data, including people who don’t have access.

Show a single tab to people don’t have access, showing a message like “You don’t have access to this app. Please contact a@example.com to discuss more.”

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