About active users in Glide

I have created an app, changing the settings to private or public; sign-in or no sign-in, etc., and repeatedly using a few emails to test it. But then I noticed that even with the same email, public and private apps will be counted as 2 users. I tried to remove that email, but it still appeared as 2 users in the usage. How can I solve this “issue”?

2 ideas:

  1. Wait 30 days, one of the two users will have been inactive and they will not be counted then onwards.
  2. If this user hasn’t logged data you need and you can delete the user, try deleting the user in Settings / Data. I’m not sure what this will do, but if you can allow yourself to test this, it might be worth a try.

I’ve just tried the 2nd way, but that email was still counted as 2 users. Maybe I will wait for 30 days to let the system re-count it. Thanks Nathan!

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Idea 2 was a little of a stretch. It wouldn’t really be expected that a user could fully use the app one day and the credit would be returned just be deleting the user. But in your case the same email was counted twice, so it was worth a try.

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Got it, thanks!

That count is like a permanent record for the month. I don’t think it subtracts but you’ll see a fresh, updated number of users next month.

I guess it needed to log the same email twice because of the different classifications (private vs public). It won’t be accurate to omit the record of mattmatt as a private user just because he was previously a public user.


Technically I would agree, the same email address ended up in two different categories of users. And the public-private setting of an app isn’t expected to change. But really, I think I would consider this a bug. After all an email address is expected to be used by a single person, so email-public and email-private really is only one person (even though technically these might be counted as two users).

I think this is a little bit of an edge case.


true. Although since there are those pesky quotas, Glide might not consider it a bug :grin:

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