Why does glide still count public users that it already deleted?

I’m new to Glide but for the last month I’ve been developing an MVP with the free plan. During the construction I added some public users to review different points while creating there are now 2 different types of users. Now I want to eliminate those public test users since real people will be using the app, but glide keeps telling me that I have the same number of public users.

I have used the function to delete a user’s data, I also deleted it from the users table but Glide still counts that I have the same number of users.

I have already searched the community for similar problems and applied them, but Glide still tells me the same number of public users, so it is a problem for me to be able to carry out my tests. How can I get glide to update that I no longer have the same number of public users?

User counts reset at the beginning of a new month or billing cycle. Since you’ve had active users within the current month, they are counted as active. Next month, the count should reset to zero and will start counting for each user that signs in and uses your app.


Ohh I understand, thanks for the explanation

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