100 public users in starter version


about public users in Starter version…I read 100 public users with the counter that restart EVERY MONTH.

Ok, but I must better understand: if an user sign-in today for example (so his email is registered in a table)…in the next month, when the counter of public restart from zero…he will be counted again or not counted because he is already in the table of users?
Reasuming…the counter consider the NEW users that never sign-in before and that can be added to actual public users list?
I don’t understand, because if the counter also count the users that already signed in previous month and already in table…mannnnn not good. 25$ for only 100 users is sooo high

Any user that signs in during a monthly billing period will be counted.

Example: You have one million users in your user table. 50 of those one million sign in this month. Your user count for this month is 50.

Mannnnn but how is possible that only 100 users can use “signing” functions with 25$ per month!!!
100 is soooo low!!! Completely unuseful!
But also PRO is so low, 500 only users for 99$ per month!!!

An APP with so low public users is completely unuseful!

But wait a moment…if a user is already signed in, he NO need to sign In again…he is already signed in! And so maybe the counter don’t go up with him?

If a user is signed in and using the app, then they are a signed in active user and will be counted for the month. There is no loophole here.

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Very bad…how is possible to have only 100 public users man? Maybe I don’t understand something, but 100 is so low for an app! Or not?
So we have to make an app totally with no login, no way.
But no way to use all the user customized actions so…

Glide is designed for internal business apps. Not public facing apps that have thousands of users.

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Very nice to understand this when all is done LOL…very good LOL

User limits as well as all other usage limits for each plan should be outlined on the Glide pricing page.

Yes I know, but honestly not so clear how they work, I think must be explained much better.
I was sure that 10 (I’m free now) or 100 (in starter that I’m (was) interested to) was referred to NEW public users that can be ADDED per month, without counting the users that already signed in previous month if they still be signed in (“active users” as someone told before).
But also if they signed out and than signin again in my opinion must NOT be counted,
In my opinion public users number must be absolutely re-calculate also for starter. 25$ per month are real money and 100 users is ridiculess number

Not sure what to tell you.

If you allowed 100 people to borrow your bicycle this month, and then next month you allowed those same 100, plus 100 more people to borrow your bicycle…by the end of one year you have 1200 people using your bicycle each month. After 10 years, that’s 12000 people actively using your bicycle in one month. It’s not 100 active users anymore. It’s 12000.

There is still an overhead cost to Glide, and that cost grows when more users use an app.

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Glide’s home page

Glide’s pricing page


Ok, you are right, not correct to consider only new users as I mentioned, but maybe at least 500 users instead 100 from Starter version can be good.
100 are really really low for a payment version.

The number of pubic and private users in each plan may be based off the usage of Glide apps. Glide the company has the analytics, and we don’t, let’s keep that in mind.

Also, remember that Glide is a solution to build internal B2B software, and in most cases a private user will be an employee. How many employees do most businesses in Glide’s target group in the OECD have? Less than 100? 250? 500? We don’t know exactly, but it’s probably around there. I don’t know the numbers, but my guess would be that the percentage of companies with more than 500 employees is not that high, so having an enterprise plan just for them would be too limiting for sales.

So sure, I agree with you, that threshold could be tweaked a little perhaps and be anywhere between 100 and 500. After adjusting assumptions, checking the numbers and testing, that is. Glide is always testing and a company’s pricing is not set in stone.

By the way, 100 private users in the Starter plan would seem totally unreasonable to me. 100 employees is already a somewhat big company or department within a bigger company. At least a big user base when referring to users internal to a business. Deriving great value for only $25 monthly wouldn’t seem reasonable. That would equate to $0.25 per head per month. That doesn’t even take into account that the Starter plan offers up to 5 apps. When you look at the cost of business software, you’ll realize that seats usually start at around $5 monthly. But then again, we don’t know the numbers in detail. Even so, as a ballpark figure, 100 private users on Starter is probably off by a factor of 10 (at least).

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Who use Starter version, most of case use the app for PUBLIC users, not private internal users.
Can be, as we are, an “hobby” community or a little market that must show their product/events to the PUBLIC (and let their to interact a little…so sign-in required) and a number of 300 of public users can be good.
100 is too low, it’s not good for anyone…from community to a little market.

Agree with you, absolutely no need to raise up the private users, but public users up to 200/300 in my opinion can be very good.

Or another good solution can be as other your competitor are doing: 25$ month OR extra discount if a year subcription is buyed.
Good solution I think