Number of public users

Why do I now have a limit of 10 public users?
I’m pretty sure I had more than this when I first signed up 18 months ago.

I am on the free plan as I only have 1 small app which I run for the members who play in my golf sweep.
Glide has been great for updataing our weekly results and allowing the players to view the stats.
Since I developed this as a hobby, I cannot justify $25 per month for 15-20 users.
I am positive when I started developing this, I had a lot more public users. :frowning:

The user limits changed a few months back. If you were on a paid plan, then I think you would have be grandfathered into the older limits. I believe free plans automatically get the limits applied.

Do you use the app year round?

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It’s used every week. That is dissapointing. I can’t justify $25/month for what is essentially, just a hobby app.

I was going to suggest if you only used the app a few months out of the year, then everybody could chip in a little and you could upgrade and downgrade your app as needed.

Can you design your app so that it doesn’t require signing in?

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No. I had it designed that way initially but I wanted members to be able to change their individual handicaps as we have a number of different competitions that run.
The app calculates the playing handicap for each competition based on the National entered by the individual.

This saves me asking all the time and updating it on their behalf.
I now have the app developed to show certain information based on the members profile which works great but I hadn’t realised there would be a 10 user limit.
I generally have 15-20 people playing and have spent a lot of time getting the app just right.

If it’s useful to you and saves you time and effort, then why are you not prepared to pay for it?
I also run a golf related App as a personal project and I have no qualms paying for it. In fact, I expect to pay for it. Glide is not a charity.


I absolutely agree with you and if I was creating several projects, i could justify it.
If it was, say $10 for 20 public users, I wouldn’t have even asked the question.

The support I’ve received over the last couple of days (yourself included) has been invaluable but as I can’t ask any of the members to contribute, I don’t want to be “out of pocket” for what was a pet project.

I do agree with your statement though.

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To echo what David suggested, if the data in your app is not private and you can remove the sign-in feature, then perhaps you could do without user profiles and still keep information related to the users such as theirs names, handicap and so on. The information would be public and not linked in any way to a user profile and users table used to sign in.

On the note of your app “just” being a hobby or pet project, most hobbies are not free. Even jogging which doesn’t require being a member of any club or sophisticated equipment still requires basic sports gear which is not free. I understand your position though, I’ve been in the same one.


What about building our own login, it won’t have security but it would be easy to do. For instance you could have users use their email and a pin code to unlock their information. Then use User Columns to enter the data and show the relevant information if the data they entered is validated.

Good idea but I like the built in security provided by Glide. As I do like the platform, I will probably end up paying for it and stop my moaning. :laughing: