Limit on public users?

What happens if you need more than 1,000 public users? What’s the following pricing on increasing them? Does anyone know?

Taking Glide’s words here on the pricing page, you will get custom pricing on Business plan level. Personally I don’t know how much that costs, but if you need to talk about going to Business plan, please leave your details here.

I have a Pro account, what is the limit for public users? The Usage Tab indicate that I have 5.000 as a limit while the website says that I have 500 as a limit. What is the real limit?

Vitor I’m almost certain that because you established your Pro plan when you did with the 5K public users that this is your limit. I believe the 500 limit is the new pricing for anyone establishing a “New” Pro Plan moving forward.

Can someone give me a little certainty so I can plan my usage?

@DJP does the new users limit affect apps that are created before that? I guess not?

If you see a limit on your usage page that is different from what you see on the pricing page, your usage page is the correct one @Vitor_Guimaraes


So it’s not 500 public users but 5,000 in the individual pro plans?

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Greetings David, one more question on this. If you have an existing Pro Plan with “Your original 5K” public users. Will that revert to the “New Plans” lesser user count if you upgrade to Business or for some reason downgrade to Starter? Essentially, will you LOSE your “Original” pricing model “User” counts when altering your current plan in any way?

You’ll need to check your individual usage. It depends on when you purchased your plan.

Might be a question for @DJP . I guess you might lose your grandfathered version if you purchase a new plan, but gotta get confirmation from the team.

This is correct.

For example, let’s say you are on a grandfathered Pro plan.

If you upgrade to the Business plan, you will be upgraded to the current version of the Business plan.

If you downgrade to the Starter plan, you will be upgraded to the current version of the Starter plan.