Help understanding public users

In my app, public users log in to track and update miles.

I’ve used the app for the past two years with about 40 users and never had a problem with the public user limit. Now all of a sudden I’m getting notices that I’m exceeding the limit.

I’m trying to use the free version since we’re a very small nonprofit. Can someone help me understand how a public user is counted?

Is a user counted as new every time they log in, even if it’s a returning user?

Any idea why I’m suddenly getting “overlimit” notices when I’ve never received them before and usage hasn’t changed?

I’m happy to upgrade to a paid version if necessary, but even the paid version has a 50 person public user limit. If every time someone comes back to update it’s counted as a new public user, I’m going to exceed that amount very quickly.

Thanks a lot.

A user is counted as a public user if they sign into any app within the same team folder at least once within a billing period. They should only be counted once until a new cycle starts for that team folder.

What is your current user count?

Where are you seeing 50 users on a paid version? Which plan are you looking at? The Starter plan lists 100 public users, so I would think that would be sufficient.

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Hi Jeff

Thanks for the response. You’re right, I misread the pricing guidelines. It does say 100 users.

Any idea why I’m experiencing this issue when it hasn’t happened in the past? Has something changed about the limits?

Always appreciate your help.

There has been some recent adjustments to the number of allowed users per plan. Paid plans would have been grandfathered/locked in to the old limits, but free plans are not contractually bound by old limits, so I imagine that beginning April 1st, Glide started enforcing the new limits, which according to the pricing page, is 10 public users on a free plan.

You can check in your team folder usage to see what your current user threshold is.