Why is Glide showing 3 users where I'm the only one who uses the App?

I have built 3 Apps based on the same source sheet. I logged into the Apps through my phone and Laptop for all three Apps. why is it counting 3 users? shouldn’t only be one?

This usually means you used different email addresses.

Thank you David.

I haven’t used different email addresses though. it is only me who built all 3 Apps and I see 3 users already used

Have you signed in using three different browsers/devices?

I signed in using 2 devices for all 3 Apps

So I unpublished one App and signed out of the other device (Phone). Now I’m only logged in 2 Apps through my laptop (1 device) which should return 2 users as per my understanding. but still Glide is showing 3 users. I thought at first that 1 email address = 1 user for all Apps