Hitting User Limit for Free Tier - but only 3 accounts?


I have 3 accounts in the User list. Only 2 have every logged in. My colleague is get the “This App has reached its user limit” message.

What am I missing ?

Free accounts have only three private users. Check if any of them has a role. That will make them private.

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hmm not using roles yet.

is there anywhere else users are recorded ? so i can which logins glide is counting ?

I don’t know where else… but I know that Glide has a bug… that if you ever used roles, it will always count them, even if you delete them. (I’m not sure if they fixed that)

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Here’s Glide’s words on “private users”. If they are counted for the month, it will be that way until the next month.

Are you sure that nobody has logged in on other apps in that same team? Or is there only one app?

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The difference between 2 and 3 is quite small. How many users are in your users table? Did any sign in with multiple email addresses?

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3 users in the table. 2 that sign in, the 3rd doesnt know about it yet.

Last calendar month, we authentically hit that limit,because I used alternate emails in testing.

This month (May) I think I’ve been very careful to limit any logins to 1 user (me) and last night, a 2nd user got that message again when attempting to log in.

I might have figured it out : I have deploy quite a few templates for evaluation. I haven’t even looked at them yet, but marked them for later learning.

My bet is they have user tables, with roles, that add to the total - even though they are unused .

Could that be it ?

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I believe the users are counted by your billing cycle and not the calendar month. Perhaps this is where that extra private user is being counted?


great shout ! We would be witihin 30 days.

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