Announcing Sign in with Google

A few of you have already found this: good find guys!

We know that signing in is a barrier for all kinds of software, especially when emails are involved. To make signing in to your apps faster and easier, we’ve added a new Sign in with Google option in the privacy settings. Users of your app will be able to use their Google account to sign in to your app—we automatically pick up their name and email address when your users choose this Sign In method.

Sign in with Google is available for apps with the “Public with email”, “Email whitelist”, or “Org members only” Sign In methods. Just check “Allow sign in with Google account” in the Privacy settings and you are good to go.

There is one caveat at the moment: due to the way that Google implements third-party sign-in, your users will see that they are using a Glide app.


Very nice! Thanks for adding this :+1:

Would need it to not show glide if I was to use it, great feature though, thanks

Agreed. Great feature, but wouldn’t use it until I could switch out the Glide branding for my apps branding. Also, you said that you pick up their name as well as the email address? What does Glide do with the name? Currently, Users only submit an email address, so that’s the only data that appears in the App: Login sheet. Does their name go into a new column on that sheet? Would that disrupt anything in the rest of the spreadsheet if added?


Name is used for chat and comments.

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Awesome stuff guys! How do I go about establishing my own branding as mentioned above?

But is the name stored someplace on the sheet? If not, would it be difficult (for the folks at Glide) to capture it on the App: Logins sheet? I think there’s a valid use for having the name in several scenarios.


@Tim_Sullivan agreed. I haven’t used it yet, but I doubt it currently saves the name to the sheet. Most likely the name is stored internally like it’s always been.

I just tested - it does NOT currently save the name to the sheet. :frowning_face:

I just added it to the feature request app.


Hi There!

As a pro user, I’m unable to use this feature without my own branding… As you have mentioned, how can I go about adding my own logo instead of the glide one?

Please let me know urgently. (I’ve created an app and am unable to start my marketing efforts due to the glide branding.)

Thanks in advance!
Warm regards

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@Hakim_Falul Settings > Design > Icon > Upload

The glide logo in the footer of the splash page should disappear once you’ve upgraded to pro


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LOL. Would you believe it that the original post had the following sentence. "“Let us know if this is keeping you from being able to use this feature—we can get in touch with you to see about establishing your own branding when using this feature.”

Seems like the Glide team removed it completely as soon as I pointed it out to them in their support channel.

Yes, I removed it—it’s confusing because we do not offer it.

Any chance that we can see the Glide branding removed from Google Sign-in?

It is such a great feature but we can’t use it with the Glide branding.


I think that will 'ever able, for the good reason that you don’t manage the Google sign-in integration you by yourself. Glide manages it. So your users share their Google sign-in data with Glide, and you’re user will always be able to cancel this sign-in option at Google level, for the whole Glide access :

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They could perhaps use a vanilla name when authenticating as a workaround?

Instead of authenticating as “Glide” they could use something like say “Web App”.



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May be Glide team could consider reflecting the App Name as users provided their login credentials knowing the APP name and the operator / App owner behind it. Thus it makes more sense for them if it was enlisted under the app name

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@Aj2666 I think this is where it becomes a problem. It’s more of how Google handles it as compared to Glide.

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