Gmail logins showing up as


Suddenly my users who are logging in are showing up as *********** The sign ins are using google sign. Earlier the app;logins sheet used display the gmail ids of the users but now its showing them as anonymous users. Can anyone help out with this issue?



Hi @Tanul_Singh,

You might have to go to settings>privacy then change it to collect your user’s email address.

Glide team changed the setting to have anonymous email addresses by default for new apps but @david mentioned that at some point they had a bug that changed it on existing apps so we needed to manually change it back.

I hope this helps.


That worked! Thanks @SantiagoPerez




Hi Gliders,
anyone knows why I’m seeing glide logging on Gmail sign in i have attached a screenshot bellow

Thanks in advanced


In “Basic” plan I got anonymous address aliases and it is ok. If I upgrade to “Pro” plan, app will collect real uses’ email addresses, this is also ok. Question: how is it possible to get REAL addresses for past logins? Does upgrade to PRO plan helps retroactively?

Short answer is no - upgrading will not give you the real email for existing users who have signed up

You could ask existing users to confirm their email address.

I did something similar and just added a message to the app and an email entry field linked to the users profile to collect the real email address

Hi, thanks for this quick response!

Elegant way would be to get real addresses from Glide database. There is the evidence that Glide has that stored, but not available to the users. Instead Glide app delivers anonymous alisases. So it is only upon Glide under what conditions they are willing to disclose real addresses! My idea is simple: when upgrading the app to pro, why not?

Asking past users to confirm their addresses is a kind of oxymoron: I don’t know their addresses, this is the problem. They logged in usually one time off and I can’t contanct them! :slight_smile:

It’s a dilemma for sure.

Just thinking out loud….so forgive me if it’s not the perfect solution.

Perhaps you could do some wizzy visibility condition so returning visitors who have a email address ‘containing’ ‘’ could only see the content/data once the have entered their real email address.

Message something like “ We are just performing a quick audit and would like to verify your email address”

Maybe :thinking:

Thanks, I have already solved the problem if visitors are returning, no problem! For them also an automatic real address information will be available aftre upgrading to pro. I want to get addresses for non-returning visitors!

I wish this process was more automated as well. It can get quite messy to have to change data after upgrading (if you want to preserve anything that was recorded before going Pro). I think the perfect solution is for Glide to somehow be able to convert the anonymous addresses to the real ones upon upgrading, but given the various places this data could be stored, anything beyond changing it in the User Profile Table may be too much to ask. At a minimum, converting anonymous to real in the User Profile Table upon upgrading is the behaviour I’d expect with this. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it currently works.


Hmm for non returning users then it’s a bit of an issue.

Maybe raise a ‘feature request’ if one doesn’t exist.

Not sure if that will be a priority however as I’m sure it’s not a quick one to implement and that the glide team have quite a busy schedule already.

Wish I had an answer for you….