Sevaral problems

Hi Everyone!! I enabled the google login and when the user login the email address is showing me. And image is not showing because the user has to upload know. So my problem is how does the user update the profile? In the glide tutorial the name is showing when the menu is pressed. But for me it’s not.
And my second problem is I enabled the google signing and I downloaded the app to my phone and I signed with the google signing. And I used the app again after 3 days and the app is saying signing again? Why is that?

Can you attach a screenshot? When you say “showing me” do you mean they see your email address?

Did you clear the browser cache/history?

ok wait. Ah thank you . I deleted my history.

In here I signed with my gmail account through that google signing but the name is not showing

Because the field tied to your name has not been populated yet. Do you have a user profiles sheet?


I mean have you connected it to your app yet?

Thanks now i’ts coming

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