Can Glide branding be removed from Google Sign in page?

Anyway to remove all Glide branding on the private app plan ?

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The pro version has this removed as well as allows you to host it wherever you see fit. But no not unless you go pro.

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Not an answer, but a good read.

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There is no way to do that, even in Pro-App you will see that in sign-in process (Sign-in with Google), I just tested in my Pro-App.

I thought the Private plan had everything the Pro plan had plus ?

I do not have it on any of my Pro Apps…ok, I see. I tried it on another computer and I got the same prompt. My bad, I removed these prompts from my chrome browser with a script a while back…but you would have to do it to any device the person was using.

Hi Guys,
I’m in pro and still seeing the branding on Gmail login any idea?


Glide could, potentially, remove it by naming the Oauth title thing to ‘My App’ or something generic like that and not include the logo.

I know this was spoken of, but this is not against Google’s rules.
Even Wix (a no-code website creator) does this!