For me i think the need of inputting an email and username then inputting the pin before being able to make comments discourage users to add comments, is there another way to do this without the mentioned process?

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I agree. Comments should manage username and email address at post time.

The sign in option is not explicit, also when appearing in the menu. It’s confusing for users : "sign in for what? ", there’s no explanation.

The actual sign in option should be used to manage users with special rights for public app (aka for app which do not require mandatorily a sign in before being ab’e to display app content).

This way to do is really required for pro apps. A way for superior user to sign in, set their own password and renew their password if forgotten.

Currently, deploying 2 apps is not the solution and will not help for user adoption, when I say user here I say “the guys for whom the app will help them in managing their business and contents”. They will not accept to pay for 2 apps.

No, there isn’t a different way to handle comments without signing in. Glide needs a way to track who a user is across multiple devices. That method is the use of email. The pin prevents somebody from making comments as somebody else. This process should only need to be done once per device.

You could always create your own chat function by using a form or add button to accept comments, then displaying them in a list or dynamically merging them together into a rich text box.


You mentioned that I should only have to get a pin once per device but I am being asked to repeat the step on the same device. Is there a glitch? Am I doing something wrong in the set up? Any assistance is appreciated.

The login info is saved the same as all cookies are saved. If you have some setting in your browser to erase them on browser exit, or are running it in an incognito tab, that could be the reason.

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Has there been any thoughts of changing this process for comments?

Hi Jeff,

Can you elaborate on how to merge new comments into a rich box? I would love to do a chat functionality without the need to re-enter email/pin.