Decrease Sign-In Steps to Improve UX

Hello. After getting some feedback from others, I'm reposting this as a feature request.

Why are there two different workflows for signing in a user before they use the Favorites or Comments components? See below for detailed workflow illustrations and specific questions.

If I’m missing something, please let me know. I would like to create some discussion around this issue before I post as a Feature Request to ensure I crowdsource thoughts from other Glide community members. :+1: Thanks, Gannon

  1. I would like to understand why we ask for an email when a user Favorites an item, then separately ask for their name when they want to leave a Comment using two separate workflows? NOTE: I do understand we need a user’s name for the comment when posted in the app.

  2. If a user wants to leave a Comment before they Favorite an item, they are first sent through the Hello, stranger. workflow for their name and then, after tapping Continue, sent through a second workflow to get their email address. This is confusing and redundant for the end user.

  3. Can’t we use a single sign-in workflow to collect all of this user data, then write this data to the App: Comments and App: Logins sheets separately as needed?

  4. If we can’t use a single workflow, why isn’t there a way to customize the Hello, stranger. workflow like we can customize the Welcome workflow (greeting and text) under Settings > Sign-In Screen?

  5. Notice the difference in Cancel navigation between the two workflows as well. The Favorites header layout is consistent with navigation everywhere else in the app; the Comments workflow is completely different and the “X” actually covers a custom logo on the screen that is bigger than the one shown is these screenshots. NOTE: We had to downsize our previous logo so it wasn’t covered by the X.

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I understand glide ask us for a name once we’re about to comment, but we don’t need it if only the email goes to the sheets.


Hi @gannonatwork , just voted for your feature request. I’m new to Glide but this ties in directly to my use case as I’m planning on allowing my users to favorite and comment, so anything that helps the UX in regards to this gets my vote.

Also, if your point #3 above is able to be implemented, it would be great if this could somehow be connected to the Event Picker so could create a Calendly like feature for apps that want to have an appointment/reservation functionality (ex. AirBnB type app)

Thanks for voting this up and like your use case (good idea). Thx