Workflows --- Decrease Steps and Improve UX

Hello. After getting some feedback from others, I'm reposting this as a feature request.

Why are there two different workflows for signing in a user before they use the Favorites or Comments components? See below for detailed workflow illustrations and specific questions.

If I’m missing something, please let me know. I would like to create some discussion around this issue before I post as a Feature Request to ensure I crowdsource thoughts from other Glide community members. :+1: Thanks, Gannon

  1. I would like to understand why we ask for an email when a user Favorites an item, then separately ask for their name when they want to leave a Comment using two separate workflows? NOTE: I do understand we need a user’s name for the comment when posted in the app.

  2. If a user wants to leave a Comment before they Favorite an item, they are first sent through the Hello, stranger. workflow for their name and then, after tapping Continue, sent through a second workflow to get their email address. This is confusing and redundant for the end user.

  3. Can’t we use a single sign-in workflow to collect all of this user data, then write this data to the App: Comments and App: Logins sheets separately as needed?

  4. If we can’t use a single workflow, why isn’t there a way to customize the Hello, stranger. workflow like we can customize the Welcome workflow (greeting and text) under Settings > Sign-In Screen?

  5. Notice the difference in Cancel navigation between the two workflows as well. The Favorites header layout is consistent with navigation everywhere else in the app; the Comments workflow is completely different and the “X” actually covers a custom logo on the screen that is bigger than the one shown is these screenshots. NOTE: We had to downsize our previous logo so it wasn’t covered by the X.

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I feel that this is the flow I wanted. Just make it a normal sign in process, probably I never need the name part as well since I have an onboarding flow for new users which will capture their name.

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