Hello Stranger - Changing Default sign in welcome note

I have a pro account. How do i change this default setting at time of login? I believe it was to be fixed by Glide Team. Is this done ?

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Is it the “Greetings” part? If so, you don’t need a pro app to change it.

I’d like to follow-up on this request, and I believe it was also the case for @davanac right here.

On this screen, shown to non sign-in users when they want to sign in (from the sidebar menu)

They are asked to give their name which adds friction to the process, why not only ask for the email address? If only you could do something with the data (like adding the name to your user), but that’s not the case, there’s nothing your can do with it. Or maybe I’m missing something.

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You can enable google sign in and they just click one button and it uses their google info to create the acct and sign in.


Hello, thanks for your reply but I don’t want to force my users to sign up before using my app (public with email). I want my app to stay public, and give the ability to the ones who want to sign up. This brings us back to the mentioned issue.

Would love someone from the Glide team to explain the purpose of this “Hello Stranger” screen :pray:


@gregcha I could have sworn that there used to be separate sign in screens. One for apps that require sign in to use the app, and another non-customizable screen that was used on public apps for users to sign in when clicking on a favorite button, writing a comment or chat, or clicking on the sign in button. That doesn’t appear to be the case anymore…at least in staging. Maybe that part has been fixed since then. Regardless, that has nothing to do with your issue.

I tested several different scenarios and I was never asked to enter my name. It wasn’t until I added a comments components that it started to ask for my name before signing in, but only with the sign in button in the menu. Clicking on favorites or a button component with the sign in action does not ask for a name first. I think weirdly, it still knows that I had comments in the app, so it wants to ask for the name. Is it possible that you had or used comments or chat in your app at any time in the past?

Also, it appears that Glide never gave us the option to customize the screen that asks for name. Not sure why, but I don’t see any way to change it.


Thank you @Jeff_Hager for the very detailed explanation. The name may indeed make sense in the context of a comment, but that not the case with my app since users never had that ability.

I also experienced multiple scenarios to sign in / sign up and there’s only one that causing me the “Hello Stranger” issue:

  1. Add to favorites: no issue here
  2. Button component with link to Sign-in screen: all good as well
  3. Sign-in from the sidebar menu: where the Hello Stranger screen shows up

Here is a demo of the 3 described scenarios


@gregcha be interested if you find out what creates the different triggers.

Hey @Rosewebstudio not sure I understand what you said.
The only action triggering the “Hello Stranger” page is the click on the Sign-in CTA from the sidebar menu (which is triggered with the burger menu localized top left). According the @Jeff_Hager there are some other use cases as trying to submit a comment without being connected but I haven’t experienced this one or any other. Do you expect additional details?

Like @Rosewebstudio, I would be curious to know what the trigger is to ask for name, but at this point, I think that would be a question for the glide team.

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