How to Remove Glide's Login Screen?

I have created my own login screen with conditions. But when I test my app I notice that Glide created a login screen as well. Is there a way to disable Glides login screen.

You need to turn your app to Public (and not public with email) but all ‘Signed in’ features won’t work.

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Where is the option to set it to not public with email?

Look under Privacy in the settings.

Thanks, got it.

and the text that says, “hello stranger, tell us who you are” Is there a way to remove/change that text?

Should be under the "sign in screen: settings tab.

I checked there but I think it is not accessible- baked in. But it doesn’t look very professional to say “hey, put it your name” etc.

I have only seen this message when I am in the glide data editor, trying to make a comment via the comments component. If that is where you are seeing it, I believe it is only a message that you see in the glide data editor. Or, are you seeing it in the app?

@Todd_Lichtenwalter I don’t believe you can change the screen that asks for your name. Only the Welcome sign in screen.

@Deena it shows in an installed app as well. It only pops up if you use comments or chat and haven’t entered a friendly user name yet.


Hi @Jeff_Hager, I would also need to get rid of this screen: how do I do this?
My users have seen it when clicking on the Sign in in the app menu.

There’s no option to remove it as far as I aware.


Not good. Hopefully users won’t clik on Sign in because it is definitely not the right kind of communication for my community.
Thanks @ThinhDinh

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Others have made this observation/comment as well. perhaps put it into the features request app…

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thanks @Deena will do.

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