Can I get rid of this sign-in step?

Just adds extra friction to the new user signup or login as far as I can tell?

Hi @Malcolm_Lewis :wave:t2:

In the settings of your app, if you use the option public without email, there shouldn’t be any sign-in screens.

Thanks. I want folks to sign-in I just don’t want them to have to enter a name before they can enter an email.

The name screen seems to show up randomly. I haven’t been able to put my finger on what causes it to show up and why in other cases it doesn’t show up. I know for sure it asks for your name when you attempt to use the comments component and you haven’t entered a name yet. I currently have an app that has no user profiles and no comments, but still asks for a name when I sign in. Yet other apps don’t ask for a name. Something triggers it, but I’m not sure what.


Perhaps the always helpful @SantiagoPerez or someone else from Glide can help?

It shows up when using the sign in action off a button press.

Right. But it serves no obvious purpose and adds an extra step to signup or signin. I’d love to get rid of it.


Agreed…not sure the point of it.

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I’ve added the following feature request to remove it or make it optional.