Issues with login

My people are not receiving PIN. any similar issues with anyone. please let me know. Thanks

and can i create PIN manually and send them. Did anyone did this creating PIN manually. Do we have this option.


No, there is not option to create a pin manually. It’s only a temporary code generated by glide and only active for a certain number of minutes or until the user uses it to sign in.

I would make sure that the email is not in their spam folder. Do you have any additional information, such as a common email domain that’s experiencing the issue?

Yeah I asked them to check SPAM. It is not in spam and they have gmail address.

This was last night. It never happened so I thought glide must be doing some maintenance.

Jeff, I am trying to plug in some chat service where user can chat. like different chat rooms. Please if you know can you suggest. Thanks

There’s no indication of issues according to Glide’s status page. Not sure what the problem could be, unless it got stuck or lost on some outside server somewhere.

Chat can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. There are several posts in the forum covering that topic. The built in chat tab is simple but limited to only one “room” that’s available to everyone. Many people will use the comments component for chat, but you will want to make sure to set the topic as your “room” and if you want to limit it to certain people, just make sure you set it up so only the people you want can access that specific topic or screen in your app. It’s hard to explain in a couple of sentences so I recommend searching the forum. Basically a user can only chat in a comments components that they can see. If they can’t see it or get to it, then they can’t chat in it. Also, some people have used third part chat services through a webview component.

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Do you have the “Allow Sign-in with Google” option enabled?
That won’t solve the PIN issue, but it will provide an alternative login method for those that have gmail accounts.