Comments feature - signing in / signed-in user info / user photos

I am having difficulty getting the Comments component to work as desired. Specifically:

  • My app’s privacy setting is “Public with email”, so users have to sign-in. When they want to comment on a post, though, they have to provide their email address and a user name again (and I think they can provide a different email address). Is there a way to skip this step and just assume that the commenter is the current signed-in user?

  • I suppose I am a bit confused how Glide creates/tracks users within the app when an email is required to sign-in. I can see the currently signed-in user’s email address if we use the “Menu” layout, but how do we track and use that information (i.e., current user) within our apps? For example, is there a way to “lock” some user-generated content so that only the currently signed-in user (identified by their email address) can change it, e.g., the details in their profile? Is there a reference that explains this in more detail?

  • The Glide Library reference on Comments has an animation that shows user photos to the left of some of the comments. I’d like to add such photos to the comments (users can upload photos in their user profile elsewhere in the app), but I do not see a column for these images in the auto-generated “App: Comments” Google Sheets tab. How do I do this?


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I figured out a way to selectively lock user-generated content so only the signed-in user can change, say, their user profile (second bullet point). I did this by creating two different sheets/tabs - a “Team” tab (list layout) with data all users can see (which does not allow editing) and a “My profile” tab (details layout) that filters the content so that only the signed-in user can see it, but which allows editing.


I am having the same “login vs. comments” question. Can I manage to have only one sign-in at the 1st app launch? I currently need to sign-in at 1st app launch AND for my 1st comment =)

Ok question non relevant, sorry : I didn’t pay attention to the ‘comments’ sign-in : it is actually not a sign-in but only the (required) step where I can put my name (which will be displayed above my comment) :sweat_smile: