Adding Comments component


I have added comments component. But it is not saving in the App:comments sheet.
Earlier when I logged in with email it saved, now I have changed the application to login with Password.

Please help.

comments require an email sign in at some point to work. Even with a Public app (assuming also with Password) it will ask you to sign in so it can track who is making the comments. Is it possible that it is confused and thinks the user is already done a sign in, but no they aren’t required to because of the password? When you write a comment, does it show and save in the app with your name attached to the comment?

Thanks Jeff for giving me more insights on comments.
Well, it worked once for me, I am yet to utilize this functionality.
Will keep you updated.


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Hi, I am trying to use the comments component but it is not displaying the username nor writing any value in the username field in the app:comments tab. What could I be doing wrong? I am using public with email for login.

How are you testing it? Are you in the glide builder or testing with the published url? The builder doesn’t perform a full login which could be part of the issue. Do you have any screenshots or a video?

Thanks Jeff. I am testing in glide builder. I have the same issue on chat where the username for those who post is not appearing. Here is the link to the app. . Would really appreciate your help. I can’t figure out why? regards, Rahul

Jeff, It’s workin in the published app as you suggested. Thanks a million! Rahul

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