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I have a problem with one of the comments let by a end user. This comments appears in the Apps: Comments sheet, but not in the app. It’s not a comments setting problem because all comments worked fine, even after this problematic one…

Comments setup :

  • I have a “shops” sheet, one shop per row, with UID (Glide’s generated UID)
  • comments component set for shops, topic = UID
  • in the Apps:Comments sheet, this failing comments is correctly set : its topic = the UID of the shop.

What can I do to “refresh” or reload all comments within the app ?

Note : yesterday, I also had a problem with all comments that seemed to be reloaded by Gliden (they triggered aburst a duplicated notification via zapier). Maybe linked to this new problem of comments not displayed ?

Also, the Apps:Comments sheet is very strange … Comments are not listed by their date. And what’s strange : newer comments often appear before older comments. How is it possible ? Does Glide do “insert” when a new comments is added, and in such case, why isn’t there any logic in the way they appear / are listed in the Comments sheet ?

Many thanks

Comments should be in sheet order…do you have app users in various time zones?

No, all app users are french.

Hereaftern a screenshot of the Apps:Comments sheet. The last comment in the list is the one not displayed. And you’ll also see that comments order is not in sheet order, and is even in “no order”…

  • the link of the post in this forum, dealing with the problem I had with comments re(detection) last night :

Hm. I think this is beyond the scope of my “expertise”. Can you check the Google sheet history to see what this page looked like, let’s say, 3 days ago?

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Good idea !

Good point @Robert_Petitto. 3 days ago, comments were correctly odered per sheet.

Worst, I have discovered ( minutes ago that in fact, in the Comments sheet, all went fine till the 20th of April, and then I started to get old comments DUPLICATED ! I mean they appear correctly in the sheet before the 20th of april, at the correct creation date, then they re-appear in the sheet as duplicates.

in the following screenshot, the yellow comments in the last correct one. Then all others are not ordered correctly. And in red, you have an exemple of duplicated comments…

WTF ? …

@Mark : any idea on what’s going bad with Comments ? My app is a pro app, I think I have approximatively 350 rows…

If I remember well, the Apps:Comments sheet is just a “logging” sheet, comments are managed by Glide within the app. So I have no way to correct this mess by myself by cleaning the sheet.

You never added any rows manually to that sheet?

No, absolutely never, promised!

Hi @Mark,

Any news or idea about what happened with comments? They’re still not displaying and lot of users complaining that this feature does not work at all, impacting user xp and app usage. I am going to remove comments from this app if we can’t get it working.

Hereafter is a video to illustrate the problem :

These comments do even not appear in the App:Comments sheet…

Many thanks for your help…

Do you have emails with upper case letters? Wondering if it’s similar to this post.

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No, because the app is public, so there’s no user profile…

Argh… Yes @Jeff_Hager, you’re right.

I was pretty sure the pre-filled email address use to post my comments was OK, but after a check, it started with an uppercase…I removed this uppercase character and yes, now it works.



Many thanks to you @Jeff_Hagerand to @Mark for the offline support!.. Sorry guys :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

But yes, the bug you mentioned @Jeff_Hager also impact comments (and favorites?) for public apps…

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Ok good to know,… it does have to do with casing then.

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