Can I upload new comments via my sheet?

Hello everyone,

I like the “comments” feature. Is there any way I can massively upload comments in the App:Comments sheet? I have tried various ways but it seems that any modification in the sheet will not impact the comments in my Glide App…

The app:comments sheet is a view only log of comments. It is only there for reference. Comments are handled internally within Glide and are not controlled by what’s on the sheet. Same as the App:Logins sheet. It’s just a log.

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Many thanks!

Hey Jeff, Yeah I’ve noticed that but I have a question, is it possible to delete specific comments? or once submitted there is no way to delete them unless you delete the entire Comment component?

You can delete individual comments via the builder. Just right click on the comment, and you’ll be given a delete option.


Thank you so much. I missed that part tho. God bless

Hey, Jeff!

Where IS the app:comments sheet? Is it a Google Sheet or what?

TIA, Jerry

Yes, it’s a google sheet tab, as long as you already have a google sheet attached to your app.

Thanks, Jeff!

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