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I have a glide app and have comments on observation. I want to show these comments on my glide pages which have the same spreadsheet.

So you have an App: Comments sheet and you link the app & page to the same Sheet?


Comments in a comment component are not transferrable to other apps. They are inherently linked to one specific app/page. The App: Comments sheet is only a log and has no direct connection to any app or page. It is not directly used by the comments component. Comments are tracked internally by glide.

However, you only option would be to use a formula in a new sheet to make comments visible as a table of data in glide.

={'App: Comments'!A2:Z}

Only then will you be able to access those comments across apps/pages since they will become a visible table. You will NOT be able to have a comments component share the same comments across multiple apps/pages.

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The downside of this is you can’t edit or delete those comments, since it’s an array.

Probably would have to rely on App Script to copy those rows to a new table to make it work that way, if @Chhaya_Sharma needs that.

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Advice: whenever you are creating an advanced App… always make your own screens for comments, forms, edits, sign-in …
that would give you a lot of flexibility and extra options.

May I know how we implement this formula? Because I am very much new in glide.

Just copy and paste it into the A2 cell of a google sheet.

This formula will not copy the headings. It’s better to type them manually into the first row. Headings that come from a formula can cause problems if glide is syncing with the sheet while the formula is reloading.

OKay, but it will not help me because comments are increasing simultaneously in the app and will show on the web page.

Can you explain how that “will not help” you?

That formula will automatically bring any rows from the original App: Comments sheet to a sheet that Glide can see. What’s your problem with it?

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Thanks, it worked for me. Actually want some filter that I managed somehow.