Comments redirected from Google Sheets to Glide tables?

I have made a fully functionning app with Glide with datas stored on Google Sheets.
But I want it to be faster while working (data editor refresh :roll_eyes:) on it so I get all my datas back to Glide in tables. I recreated all calculated columns. It’s a bit long :sweat_smile: but it works.
Everything is going well except for comments that still go to “App Comments” sheet in Google.
I just can’t figure out how to make it stored in my Glide Table “App Comments”
Can you help me ?

Thank you !


I don’t believe the functionality for storing comments exists in Glide tables yet and currently only exists in Google Sheets.


…and the App: Comments sheet is only a log of the comments. The actual data is stored within Glide’s database, which is inaccessible to us. The sheet you see is in no way linked to the actual database that contains the comments for the comments component.