How can i access the comments table?

In my application I have integrated the entry field “comments” and I would like to know where the data is stored? Can we access it?
I ask this question because I would like to put a zap that would send an email to our customer service team for each new comment



If you use Google Sheets, there will be an “App: Comments” tables so you can trigger the zap on every new row.

I don’t think we have that for a Glide Tables only app.

Thank you for your reply,
but I’m using a glideApp but connect to glidefile and not a google sheets.
Do you know in this case where the datas are stored ?


The data is stored somewhere on glide’s server. We don’t have access to it if we don’t use a google sheet. In that case I would not use the comments component and instead build your own comments feature using a form for example.


Yes, Jeff is completely correct. If you want something faster to send an email, I would also suggest building your own Comments table with a form. The difference is:

  • Comments component: Don’t have an on-submit action so you have to tell Make/Zapier to check the Sheet every X minutes to find new rows and send out an email. This does not eat into your row count.

  • Form: Have an on-submit action so you can use it to send a webhook directly after a user makes a comment. However this will eat into your row count.


Thank you for your help. I will build my own Comments table it seems to be faster and easy to connect to Zapier.