Transfer to another application

I have an application with a number of names and comments associated with them, I want to transfer all this data to another application with comments.
Can you help me in a way?

You’d not only need to copy whatever rows are in the App: Comments tab, but also, since comments are related to a column in your app (usually rowID) you’d have to make sure you have they relationship working as well in the new app.

Oops, I’ll rephrase the question better:
I have two apps, one paid and one free.
I want to create a section in the paid application and transfer the data with comments from the free app to the paid app.

Comments are locked to the app. The app:comments sheet is only a log and in no way connected to the app. Any changes to an app:comments sheet are not reflected in the app. I’m not sure but you may be able duplicate your free app and the existing comments would come along with it, but it’s not something I’ve tried. If your free app and paid app are identical, you can transfer your app subscription from the paid version to the free version. However, I don’t think there is any way to move comments between existing apps.

The only alternative, and probably not what you are looking for, is to duplicate the app:comments sheet to a new sheet (either by copy/paste, or by using a query formula in the sheet), and display that data in your app as an inline list. If your app is not google sheet based and entirely glide table based, then you won’t have that option as there is no access to the app:comments sheet.

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I did an export of the data, and my comments sheet is Glide, and the comments tab came out in the export. Surprised me, too.

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