How can we use same comments database across multiple apps

Hey Glide Team!

First of all, Kudos for making this app.

I am using glide to track the production of audiobooks and stories.
We take stories from writers and then we assign them to voice over artists to convert them in audio stories.

The scene is, we have to use two different apps for writers and voice over artists. This is because Writers just want to track the progress of their stories and voice-over artists want to track all the stories assigned to them and how much they have earned by completing the stories. In no circumstances, we can share the entire database of all the stories or voice-over artists work with anyone.

My biggest challenge is writers submit feedback as comments on produced work in their app and my voice-over artists are not able to see those comments in their app. Though glide has created common comments tab in my google sheet and since they are made on different apps… people can’t see them together.

Please help us with this.

I would set this up as one app with 2 tabs. Both tabs will point to the same sheet. Your sheet would contain 2 email columns. One for the assigned writer and one for the assigned voiceover artist. On the writers tab, turn on per user data and point to the writers email column. On the artists tab, turn on per user data and point to the artists column. One thing to keep in mind is that rows that don’t have an email assigned will still show up for everyone. If you don’t want that to happen, then I would create 2 more columns and use an IF formula to fill in a fake email address if the associated email column is empty. If it’s filled, just use that email address to fill the column. Those third and fourth email columns would then be used for per user data instead of the first and second email columns.

This way, the built in comments for each story are shared among all users who can view them because they are in the same app.


I have a similar problem. I have an Instagram-like feed in two different apps. I have set the Comments Topic to the Text input of such post in both apps. So, in theory whenever someones comments, the topic is always the text of such image and therefore should be visible on both apps and that does not happen. Please help.

The comments component is exclusively for the specific app it’s added to. You can not share the comments between apps because the comments are handled by Glide itself. The App:Comments sheet is only there as a log for you to view the comments that are made inside the app. You would need to build your own commenting ability if you want them to be shared between apps. That’s why I had suggested in my previous comment to try to build everything into one app.

Oh ok, I see. Thanks a lot for the clarification. :+1:

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Thanks Avanssa and Jeff for contribution.

In my case, i needed separate app for my writers and voice over artists. That’s because basically they have their different use cases for the app and I want to keep their app experience as professional as I can.
Writer wants to know

  1. Did we get all information correctly from him before assigning the story to VO
  2. What’s happening with my story (sent for recording/recording/editing/Quality Check/published)
  3. They need to review files when they are in Quality check stage and pass down their feedback (which I thought they can do as comments)

Similarly, VO wants to know

  1. What’s his pay scale
  2. How much he has earned in this month
  3. What are the assigned stories
  4. Which stories have feedback from author and Kuku FM team for quality correction (which I thought could be handled by comments)
  5. Pass down their messages to author and QC team as and when required.

After knowing that I can’t have comments across multiple apps, I have created 3 apps

  1. Writer app
  2. VO app
  3. QA team app

Writer pass comments via text input field in their app
For VO writer comments are basic text fields, she can only read them. She can pass her comments in a separate text field which is like basic text field for VO and QC team
QC team can read their comments in app and pass down their verdict via their separate text input field in their app which both the other app can read.

It’s working so far.
To give you a context, currently we have 30 VO who are on this app
1 QC manager handling entire operation
We are running pilots with writers right now but soon their will be over 1000 writers on this

I just don’t want glideapp / Google sheets to hang with this traffic and entries :smiley:

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At some point it should definitely be possible to share the same database between different apps, so that comments can be shared, for example. We can’t give you a timeline on when we’ll get there, however.

Thanks Mark for the update.

What if you try this idea?