Create an application that supports both user and administrator

I had an idea to create an application that supports both user and administrator, below details.

1 - Create a sheet called users that contains their personal data and with the option of active or inactive for admin
2 - Create a screen called profile and under the user data create a button called administer
3 - This button will only be visible if the user has the administrator option set to active.
4 - This button calls other screens that will be used to make changes, inclusions and etc.


I hope at least I have given a starting point

I don’t speak English so I used Google Translate

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It’s a good idea, nevertheless, and unfortunately, it does not match my use case.

My app need to be public without any authentication required for users (or let’s say visitors). BUT, the admin user(s) of my app need to authenticate.

So what I need to avoid publishing 2 apps for nothing and make deployments a nightmare, is a way, for an app, to have visitors (no authentication) and admin users (authentication).