Are admin options possible without logins for all?

What I want is this:

  • A tab / location in an app that is a waiting list with articles to be submitted. So only when TRUE is the case they will be seeable for everyone in the publication.
  • I know how to do that when I make an app where everyone needs to loging when I make a tab only visible for users that are ‘admin’.
  • Is there a way to do something like this in a public app? I want the app to have no barriers but would be helped with some admin options within the app.

It feels like I’m asking too much, but since I have the brightest Glide minds around here, I thought: let’s ask!

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What about a separate app that requires sign-in, to use for moderation?


Ah, good and simple idea!

@Darren_Murphy Sometimes thinks are easier than you think, have it up and running!

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haha yes, I’ve done this before. Basically just duplicate the app and then rip out all the bits you don’t need :joy: