Forum in glideapps?

Hello everyone,

My app requires everyone to log in and has product pages. I would like to build a forum visible on product page where everyone can post comments about the product and see each other’s comments. My concern is the limited number of rows we have with glide pro plan (25k).

Can someone suggest the most efficient way to allow users to add comments under each product which are visible to everyone?

I am hesitant about embedding alternative website that is visible in webview component as I plan to convert my app to a native app when Glideapps offers such an option this Fall.

Thanks so much :pray:

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I would use the comments component. Shouldn’t take up any rows.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager. Comments doesn’t use any rows?

I wouldn’t think so. It’s all internal within glide. It writes to a comments sheet, but only as a log.

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Interesting. Let me try that

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@Jeff_Hager You rock

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Please let me know if there is a way to archive/delete comments as well

You can only delete comments via the builder, I believe.


You are right. Just found that out. Thanks @ThinhDinh

Is it possible to tag a person as well? I tried @person. Didn’t work :frowning_face:

Not that I aware of :frowning_face:


You can create that on your own but not with conments

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Wait a minute, native apps are coming this fall? for Play Store and App Store?

Yes. That’s what I remember reading.