Enable users to comment on my webapp posts (and have nested comments etc)

Hi, I’ve a glide starter subscription. Is it possible for me to create a post in my web app and let other users comment on my posts (and have nested comments etc) I am unable to see the comment command or tab in my glide function box. Appreciate if anyone can help! Thanks!

Glide Pages doesn’t have any native comment component, so you would need to build your own.

Creating basic comment functionality is fairly straight forward, all you really need to do is open a form and direct it at a “Comments” table. You just need to make sure you include a “TopicID” column, which would be populated with the RowID of the screen (post) the Comment is added from.

Then you can display your comments on your Post details screen in any sort of collection component, filtered by TopicID.

Creating threaded comments would be quite a bit more complicated. Possible, but perhaps not something to try and do if you’re still new to Glide, as it would require some fairly advanced techniques. Especially if you want to minimise row counts.

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Hi Darren, Thanks for the quick help, appreciate it very much! I will look into it.
Yes I am fairly new to platform…
In that case I see glide pages have ‘forum and discussion’ template.
Do you think if I use that it will address the problems or make my job more simpler?

Do you mean this one?

I’m not familiar with the template, but I can see that the creator is @Robert_Petitto.
Bob is one of our most highly respected experts, so you can almost be guaranteed that any of his templates will be top quality and well worth taking a look at.

You could probably learn a lot just by purchasing the template and studying it.

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Yes correct. I am checking through the platform and playing around with the basic commands and functions etc. Sure, I will take note of it for future, and am certainly hoping to learn more.

Also if I buy this forum template , am I allowed to customise it according to my needs etc. like color font and also add tables and sections to it.
With my starter package am I allowed to do it or is it a glide pages template are usually strict where not many changes are allowed ? Please advise if a possible.
So I can pre plan the process. Thanks!

You can customise it as you wish. The only thing you can’t do is re-publish it as your own template.

You’re too kind, Darren. @Jegan_Shanmugarajah, let me know if you have any questions.

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Noted well on it @Darren_Murphy! Thank you.

Hi @Robert_Petitto, I checked your template. It is very nice and elegant! , and definitely I would like to learn more in Glide and the template to customise as per the needs to my users. Below are my questions for now. If possible would you kindly address?

  1. If I buy is it a one time purchase or should I pay each month for the “forum & discuss” template usage?
  2. If a user replies to someone’s post in this template will user get an auto notification?
  3. If yes, is it like an email notification or something different?
    4.I saw the template preview, is it possible (If allowed) to see more screenshots/short video of how the comment section is functioning as of now?
    5.Adding on to Darren’s point, definitely I won’t re-publish as my own. But (after the purchase) I can customise your template and publish it in my own domain for my users’ usage. Is this correct?
  4. Is there anything else in terms of major limitation in your template? - just for my own reference to know ahead…

Thanks in advance for your time!

Should be a one-time purchase for any templates.

I can’t speak for Bob here on what he has set up, but native notifications (i.e the notification you see on your devices with App Store/Google Play apps) won’t be available. The usual workaround here is to send an email or a text message.

Yes, that’s true. You just can’t submit it as another template, I believe.

Thanks for your answers @ThinhDinh .
I got my numbering wrong sorry, I will wait if @Robert_Petitto could answer Qs 4 and 6:
4.I saw the template preview, is it possible (If allowed) to see more screenshots/short video of how the comment section is functioning as of now?
6.s there anything else in terms of major limitation in your template? - just for my own reference to know ahead…

  1. One time purchase
  2. No auto-notification — need to set that up using a service like Make
  3. Using Make, you could potentially set up an email or SMS notification, but it might require a bit of rework because I’m identifying users by their ID, not their email.
  4. If you purchase the template, I’ll explain how the posts/replies logic is set up— don’t want to give away too much of the magic ahead of time.
  5. You can customize the template to your heart’s content!
  6. Only limitation at the moment is that each comment takes up a row in the app so if you have hundreds of users with hundreds of comments, you’ll exhaust your row quota much faster.

I have the solution for that… :wink:

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Hi @Robert_Petitto appreciate your response! Below are from me:-

  1. Noted
    2.Ok sure
  2. Ok sure
    4.Sorry you are mistaken I did not intend to ask the logic etc. I mainly want to know (before a decision to purchase) if your Glide template offers: Threaded comments that allow readers to reply to other comments inline/nested? (Since I am unable to see much from the provided preview if a reader can comment/reply to other people who commented on a main post of your template)
    Also my sincere apologies for lot of queries, since my technical knowledge is limited and have begun to explore Glide the last few days…
    5.That is great to hear!
    6.Yes, I will keep that mind

Thanks in advance, have a good weekend, cheers!

Hi @Robert_Petitto!
I have now bought your template. Thanks a lot for making this!
I am learning from it. Cheers.