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The problem is when I made my Glide website, I’m making a video website, I want it to look like YouTube where we can comment, I tried a lot of tricks, it still didn’t work. I need to make a comment component in my website. Please help. - The Legit FAM

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The Comments Component is available in Glide Apps, not Glide Pages. You can configure the Data section in the Layout Editor to assign a topic for the comments. For more information, please refer to the Glide Documentation: Glide Docs • Comments Component.

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I know that. But do I need to start everything over again in Glide App or if there’s a trick we can make something look like comments? Because uh, I don’t think I can do all over again. Please answer

I’m afraid, as Glide AI says - there is no built in comment component in Glide Pages - you need to build from scratch.

It’s not difficult though and at least you can build it the way you want it.

I would avoid rebuilding your application in Apps. The Glide Apps product is already Glide’s legacy solution, all applications are to be moved over and built on Glide Pages moving forward. It is likely that Apps will be renamed Legacy and Pages renamed Apps. So stick to the new Glide Apps (=Pages).

If you want the exact comments component in Pages as in Apps, right now it is not available. But it could be soon.

Theoretically, you could allow users to add comments to a video item, each comment would be added to a Comments table and you would create a multi-relation from your Videos table to Comments table to display the right comments under each video. Your row count could blow up quickly: 100 videos and 10 comments per video, that would be 1000 rows of comments. This idea is not very scalable.

The comments component can be built by hand. But realistically, I don’t think the comments component should be built by hand.


Oh, I have an idea I can use cards as comments! Weird but cool. How do you like this idea?

Realistically, I don’t think the comments component should be built by hand.

Oh I’m surprised to hear this. I did just that - added comments to my pages app by hand.

Granted it’s not fully featured but is enough for me.

The Airtable backend does the email notifications etc and the relative date field in Glide shows how long since the comment was posted etc.

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I suspect the comment (heh) from @nathanaelb is referring to the fact that home grown comments functionality could have scalability issues, especially if you’re storing one row per comment.


Fair enough

My apps are tiny. 10 users and no where near the row limit.

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