Where to find comments component or chat features?


This may seem like an obvious question, but I can’t seem to find the answer easily in the documentation. They talk about the chat component here: https://www.glideapps.com/docs/reference/app-components/comments-component

But in my standard version of glide I do not see any such component. Is this restricted to upgraded versions? And if so, where can I read more about which components are included in which version of the app?

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Are you working on an App project or a Page project?

It’s a page. Based on your comment, I’m guessing the comments component is only available on the app? That’s unfortunate, as I will probably just skip the comments feature if that’s the case.

For future reference, is there anywhere that has a complete list of which features/components are available on the app vs pages, and for the various different subscription levels?

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Yes, you are correct. The comments component is only available in Apps.

I think it’s been mentioned recently to the documentation team that we need more clarification regarding App features vs Page features.

This is probably the closest thing to a comparison between the two products, but I’m not aware of a comprehensive list.

Difference between the chat feature and the comments feature.

  • Chat: Standalone tab/screen. Messages are displayed in bubbles right and left of the screen like a chat app (Whatsapp, Messenger). Data displayed: name, avatar, message. The tab is available in any new app project (like the tabs user profile and shopping cart) and hidden by default. Available in Glide Apps only.

  • Comments: A component to be added to a details layout. Comments are displayed as a list. Data displayed: name, avatar, message, relative time (xyz ago). Available in Glide Apps only.


Hi Jeff, Thanks so much. I’m not too far into my app, and it’s nice that I’m able to use the same tables for my backend, so switching over to an app won’t be too difficult. Although unfortunately it seems there are certain features I want that are in pages but not the app as well (like being able to select a lookup column on the details page). So I guess I will need to make some compromises either way. Anyways, thank you!

Thanks nathanael, this is good to know!

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That’s not true. The back end tables work the same in Apps and Pages. Likewise, selecting data from those tables works the same. It’s very likely that the Relation thay your Lookup is referring to is a multiple relation. It needs to be a single relation.

  • A Lookup column that can retrieve values from multiple rows will become an array. Arrays can contain multiple values. Even if an array contains only one value, it is still an array and could potentially have multiple values in the future. Most importantly, you cannot place an array value with multiple values into a container that will only hold one single value.
  • A lookup column that retrieves values from ONLY one row will be a single value instead of an array. A single value can be placed in a container that holds a single value.