How do I add chat to my Glide app?

How can I proceed to create a chat within my glideapps application so that my students can chat with each other. Thanks for your help

Mod edit: Updated with new documentation and resources - @NoCodeAndy

But I don’t know what to put and write in the columns of my sheet

Ok. It’s that simple. A big thank you to you

in the guide is states this :

sorry please ignore…

Hi David, the link leads nowhere :upside_down_face:

They don’t use that domain anymore I guess. The new link for docs is here:

What exactly do you need? A native chat function or 1v1?

I already master the 1v1. Native would be a step further I guess. Cheers

Do you have a link for 1v1 internal chat function?

Here you go.

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For Pages?

I’m not aware of one, but the idea is the same. What I would do is:

  • Create a row containing the IDs/emails of the two users in question in a “Chats” table.
  • Make those emails row owners.
  • Create a “Messages” table. Allow users to add messages to that table, and display them inside the Chat view using a collection.
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Does this solution require a table for every two users to chat? Or will one table work for all users?


No, it should be one table for all users.


I’ve got a Chat screen appeared in a default App, I can’t see it in Pages. Is this correct? Is there a free Chat that comes with Apps. Does Pages have one? Do the paid one’s work in Pages?


This link leads nowhere, I am also interested in chat within glide!

They don’t seem to have that page on the new version of Docs.

You may get some inspiration from @Robert_Petitto 's template:

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from this template I can’t get inspiration! I don’t need stand alone messenger, I need chat functionality within existing app, linked to some table row. I have topics and I need to invite other app users to chat about specific topic. Is there any component that allows it? “Comment” is good, but there is no app’s control, over it. I see Petito’s tables, but I don’t see app’s functioanlity in the template.