How to add "Comments" component to a glide web app?


How can I add the “comments” component to a web app. I see that its supported in a mobile app; but is it not supported inside a web app ?


Hi Aseem,

As far as I’m aware, Still the comments component is not yet available for Pages! But no need to worry about that because you can make your own one! :wink:

I did this in one of my fun apps that created! Made a video!

Hope this helps!

Thank you

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HI Dilon,

That looks great! How did you make it that the dates and time are updated when the comments are written?

Hi Merry,


You mean writing the current date and time when a comment created right? It’s with the Current date/time special value!

Learn more at here! : Current Date/Time | Glide Docs

Thank you

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HI Dilon,

Yes thanks. Just found it. That is a very useful feature.

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Hi guys,

When can we expect to have the comments component in the new Glide Apps? Is this even in the roadmap?

The last update we had was that it is on the roadmap, and should be coming up very soon.


Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Hi Darren,

Any news on whether it will work as it was on the classic Apps or that will change. What I mean by that is whether it will eat up on the row quota or not and what about the updates quota? Just wondering if you have any info on that. Thanks

No, I don’t. The only thing I’ve seen is that it appears that it might be a new type of Collection component :man_shrugging:


Oh okay. Thanks for sharing that info…