Forum app

Anyone with template or thoughts on how to emulate a Forum App with Glide? Could be something like this forum or even more basic.


That’s a great idea!

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@Jeff_Hager any thoughts on this?

Hi! How about setting it up like Instagram posts except without the pictures. You could create a “Topics” choice field so that users can categorize their posts and then use the Comments component so that people can reply to the original post. I think I’m going to add this function to my app.

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I’d probably suggest the same thing. You could probably step it up a bit more and assign a unique id to the original post, then use a form button to replay and create a new list item, but with the original post id passed through the form. Lots of ways to do this, but a comments component would be the simplest.


Thought about doing this way, but then would be a little to limited by only comments in text not being able to post answers with video or photos. Check what i’ve done so far:

Tks for answering! Do you mean something a little like this ? It’s still a sketch but I believe could work. I did two different but similar ways there. Would be nice to not have to use an image with the Tiles or Cards layouts but I guess it’s possible to use something like what I did. Appreciate any tips or advices!

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So, I just did mine this morning. Here are the screenshots.


Nicely done!

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Thank you!

Hi! I like the implementation. Question: How do you get the profile pic of the poster to show as a small thumbnail like that? It looks like an action text component but I did’t know it had an option for an image. Thanks for your help!

Looks like a list layout on an inline list.

Hmmm. Got it. That makes sense. I do that in Adalo but wasn’t aware that nested lists were possible in Glide. I’ll look into it. Thanks!

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Check out my forum template to see if it meets your needs:


Thanks Robert! I like it. I may purchase-there are a few things you’re doing in the template that I want to apply. Appreciate it!

Hi Robert, it’s great!
I want to get it, since my (work in progress) app needs one forum.
Before purchasing it, I am wondering how to “move” your template to my existing app? I suppose that I need to re-do everything, but is there a lot of work to do in the DataEditor?

Ya…there’s a bit you’d have to do to get it to work identically. Not too complicated though. Want a peek behind the scenes first?

I’ve purchased it, and if I’m lost, I’ll shout out for help…

By the way, I just had a very quick look, and in case you make a v2, some fuel for thoughts:

  • the use of Cloudinary (and with your account) may be an issue for relatively newbies
  • an arrayformula is #REF (sheet ‘Posts’), while seems to display results; I’ll have a look later