Is there any template for billboard functions in Glide?

Within apps I need to have users’ discussions. Top post should be related to one record (row). Deeper I want to have comments and answers, i.e. threading. Plaun Glide comments are just linear, not enough. Is it possible to have it already done (template), without much ado?

I created a template a while ago (it could probably use a bit of updating) that has this functionality:

Hi Robert,

Preview deosn’t work: can’t upload the image and then doesn’t allow to store the entry!?

Upload unsuccessful:

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The template preview might not allow you to upload an image. The actual app itself would work just fine.

Tnx again, really I made some mistake with omission of “body” entry. I see now how it works. Template I can’t really use be cause I have to put that into my app and not as a standalone forum. Three-level threading (post-reply-comment) is somehow flat, but it can be used for a start.

Here again I am sad about Glide, because they could that solve with thei component “comments” to avoid workarounds we are losing great deal of time with! :frowning:

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If you have a lot of customers they all want you to prioritize their problems. Glide is getting better every week and for some things, we as users have to wait a while. Part of starting to use new tools.

I can’t agree more! My intention was really not to awake hard feelings!
Development team of Glide platform should look at community discussions and decide which feature should have pririty. I haven’t seen inputs for priritization from the crowd, it would be fine to have it, and is trivial to implement. Crowd pririty level multiplied by solving complexity should be criterium for planing.

Example: likes, ratigns and comments can’t trigger any action on submit. “ON SUBMIT” is existing function which can be implemented really easily and would be very useful (e.g. e-mail notification if someone commented in the same row). So it can be put in development plan on very high place.

Why we don’t have such “development idea crowdsourcing” platform? Or I missed something?