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Hello everyone !

I sadly discovered that the comment component wasn’t available in glide pages…
Did someone came up with a counter idea at the moment ?

I create a glide pages for office employe in addition to the glide app the already have but for field employees. Comments are very important since it’s ticketing tool.

Thanks everyone !

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It’s not a “comment” component like in glideApp, but I simulated a forum with questions & answers.
NB : mainly for demo purpose since

  • the rows quota would probably quickly be reached
  • and the workaround seems too simple to be really strong (my view, but maybe am I wrong).

Basic approach that I used is:

  • create a [forum] table
  • create a form for question (“msgOrigin”)
  • then, in its detail screen, create another form on the same table for answers (“msgAnswer”)

BUT, in the 2nd form, via “value columns”

  • it set value of the ID “msgOrigin” in related field
  • and creates an ID per “msgAnswer” in a dedicated field
    Then I can use filtering conditions in the inline component displaying “msgAnswer” per “msgOrigin”





QUESTIONS fields (“msgOrigin”)
nb: the black strikedthrough part is to add “topics” of discussion; I hide it to keep it simple


ANSWER fields



Hope this helps


Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay !
I’ll dig into that and come back to you as soon as possible !

Hello @ AyS_0908

As promise I come with a feedback on the implemented solution.

I tried two solutions :

  • Add columns in my item’s table. 10 columns each one for a comment. I then played with text and text entry components on the details view and filter them based on past comments. The advantage is that it doesn’t take any rows. BUT, the user experience is not very good, and it’s limited (no author, date, pics etc)

  • Your solution. Creating a comments table, with each comment linked to an item with a relation. UX is way much better, every comments is tied to a person, a date, and they can add pics to the comments. It takes lots of rows, but at this pace they have more than 18 months before reaching 25k rows, point at which they will be able to archive.

So the final version implement your solution, Thanks again for your help :wink:

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