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Hello everyone,

I have some difficulties with the comments component. Just to give you a bit of understanding of my app, I am developping for a school an app thant will enable the administration to collect project ideas from their students. Once the project is validated, it is accessible to other students and the project leader will be able to create his/her own team of students to follow the project.
For each project, the school will assign one tutor (a professsor) and one or two coaches (school alumnis).

As I wanted the app very collaborative, I want to use the comments component to enable several things:

  1. private discussions between a project leader and the admin team before (and even after) the validation of the project by the school (to ask questions or edits in the idea for instance)
  2. discussions between a team and the tutor of the idea
  3. discussions between the members of the team
  4. discussions between the team and the coach(es)

I know that the comments component must be configured using a topic and I was thinking that using different topic for each component will easily make the job (Title, Description, Tutor, Project Leader, Row Id are unique fields in my datasheet)… but unfortunately I am certainly missing something as:

  • as expected I display different comments for each components
  • but the comments displayed are the same for each idea


Can you please help me? :frowning:

Thanks a lot

I think your problem is that you are expecting comments to be associated with columns, but they are actually associated with rows.

From the docs:

There is only one property to configure in the comments component and that is Topic . This needs to be set to a column where all the rows will be unique. This is so that Glide can always keep the right comments connected to the right rows.


Hey Darren,

Thanks for your return… Actually I was expecting that the component “comments” works for a specific row associated to a column (the topic).

This is why, I was using as a datasheet my ideas datasheet that is showing one idea per row. In my understanding, I was expecting then that for any idea I select, I will only see the comments related to this idea and the topic (the column) I was referring to.

Is there something I am missing? How can I do? Thanks again!

In your screenshot, you’re pointing the comments component to the row ID, description and tutor names, respectively.

We are sure the rowID will be unique, but are you sure the other 2 are unique among your rows?

Yes, I am. The problem might be related to something else as I can see this problem with all the ideas.

Can you show us some screenshots of the specific settings for each comments component?

First comments component >> Row ID is the Row ID of the tab Idea

Second comments component >> Description is a column of the tab Idea, as you can see in the other screenshot, this field is unique in my database

Third comments component >> Tutor name which is a lookup in the tab Idea from another tab where the info is unique. Note that in the Idea tab there are some ideas whithout any tutor as they have not been validated yet by the admin team. In this case, it is planned to hide the component in the app

Let me know if you need more info and thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

The comments component shows the “comments” that have been submitted, that is tied to the “topic” so I was looking for any values that might have been a duplication.

So another question for you, “the comments displayed are the same for each idea” happens on all 3 comments component or just 1 or 2 of them?

Hey, the components are displaying the same comments for each idea. :confused:

For all 3 comments component?

I have three differents blocks of comments per idea but the comments displayed are the same for all the ideas

@ThinhDinh any update or idea on how I can solve this? :frowning:

Would you be willing to provide a link to the app, or a copy of it that we can play with? Better yet, would you be able to set up a copy of the app that we can copy to see what your settings are?

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