NEW! Introducing Comments Component

Take a look at the new, built-in comments component on Glide Apps!

  • Looks great.
  • Really easy to set up.
  • You can attach actions to the comments (ie view commenter’s profile, report comment, etc.)
  • Picture, name, and time ago built into the comment header.
  • Comment entry field, along with an incorporated button to post the comment.

***Just released today in preview mode, and you must be on pro plan to enable features in preview mode. Not pro plan? You can look forward to this coming soon. To enable, go to project home page and look for “Previews” in the top right.


I originally wrote

Biggest shortcoming that I see in the first few minutes:

  • All the fields of the comment (comment, photo, name, time, and topic) use the same columns to write and read. I would prefer to write one thing (ie the commenters user ID), and display another thing (ie a rel to the users name and photo, or other computed columns such as the comment body being appended with [edit] in the case the comment was edited).

But it seems that can mostly be solved with the after submit action.

The comment content for User photo and name can be computed columns, and you can have those looked up after using a set column action to set the user id to the comment data.

So that’s nice… can ensure this way that the user’s photo and name are updated across all comments when they edit their profile.

In that After Submit Action, you can also set the Comment text to be a computed column, which would give you the ability to modify the comment.


Amazing. Thank you for quick demo

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Can you help understand what does this “Topic to Save” mean?

Thats the identifier for which comments fall under… Let’s say you have posts, and comments. Each comment belongs to a particular post. The “Post ID”, is then the topic.

In my video I didn’t have row ids turned on, and the “posts” were “Things” and I used the name column of the Thing sheet as the ID for the Thing for which the comments were associated.

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Thanks. I actually did write it to Discussion (row id) but comments are not visible. not sure why?

Do you have filters applied to your comments? Saving the Discussion row id as the topic under Content? Maybe some screen shots would help.

Yes sure. Thank you for response.

So basically, I am setting up a discussion board. There is one table called Discussion. Each row is one discussion. I have set up another table called “Comments” wherein all comments will be stored.

Now, you can see the screen shots which might help you understand if I am doing something wrong. No filters applied as of now.

Discussion Table

Comment Table

Configuration of Comment Collection

OnSubmit Action

I’m stumped… Everything looks fine from what I can tell. You comment table shows the comment was written in just fine. The comments component is pulling in the right source (Team Comments is your Comments table yes?) and the content looks good from what I can tell. With no filters in place on your comments component and no row owners on the comments, every comment should show up under every discussion (so obviously you want to apply a filter to fix that… but for now, I don’t know why that “Hey” comment isn’t showing for you.

Hopefully you can find something, or someone else can spot something we missed!

Yes, that’s correct.
I have applied row owners to the comments table (mainly to secure the data). Is it impacting? It shouldn’t ideally.

From what I see your comments table uses a unique ID as the identifier, not user email. User email is needed to apply row owners… oh wait, perhaps you did row owners by roles? You definitely don’t want row owner on comments to be by user email because users would only see their own comments. With roles I think that’s ok in some cases. Easiest way to check if that’s the culprit for not seeing the comment is to remove row owners and see if comment shows up.

Yes, I did row owners by Role. I have two separate columns as row owners column.

Yes, that’s correct. I will check that.

You are correct. Because of Row Owners, I was not able to see the comments. I am not understanding why it did not work. Because I have applied Role as row owners.


Have you considered mentions before releasing this new feature?


You mean mentioning a user in the comment, like with a format of “@username”? I don’t think I have heard that being mentioned anywhere, so I think it’s a no.

Yup, that’s the idea, as in any common forum. It would be a pity.

Hi! Really cool feature. Have you considered adding a photo when commenting?

As far as I know, mentions aren’t in the works, but it would be a nice feature to have. I’ve built in replies on my current app, and using the new format you can do it as well. It’s just a workaround though so it doesn’t look fantastic. My version of replies nests comments under the comment they’re replying to, but there’s no indentation.

My custom comments, with replies.

The new comments component, with custom replies.


Someone else was asking for this too, and I think it is being considered as a feature as part of the comment component.

If photos are important to you, here’s a possible way you could do it now.

With the after submit action, open a slide in new screen. On that screen, have a “Include a photo?” prompt, an image picker. Then, similarly to how I edited the comment body to signify if it’s a reply (as shown in the comment above), use an ITE and a Template column to signify in comment if a photo is attached. Finally, as part of the actions of the comment, have one of them be view attached photo. This obviously isn’t a fantastic solution, as one would expect the photo to be visible in the comment without clicking farther… but it’s a possible way you can attach photos now.

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Can someone do another example of the set up comments with the new format? I can’t seem to get it to work for me. How does the Save Comment field, Additional Columns fields and After Submit Action work in setting up comments?