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Hi All…

I just added the comments component to my first app and I don’t see any configuration that I can make for this component.

I was expecting the standard comment box that we see on any social platform where we can like, reply or report on a comment received to the original post.

So when someone likes my post and makes a comment to my post, I should be able to respond to the comments I’ve received and also may ‘like’ the comment.

Is this something achievable? If Yes, any tips on how to?

thank you :slight_smile:

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Not possible to configure or comment on/like comments. You can however just add another comment in response to another but it will appear in the chronological order you set vs. linked to a specific comment. It will basically create a list of comments and you can sort them by newest to oldest or vice versa. Still a pretty useful component for Posts and I’m sure they’ll get more sophisticated in the future!

yeah … linking to specific comment is a really needed option. Else, it creates confusion for readers when someone adds comments in the middle of a conversation :frowning: :frowning:

Also, even if I have multiple comment components, I don’t think there is an option to save to different sheets. Everything goes into Apps:Comments … right?

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I totally agree - I think for now I’m relying on users to see that the comments are a list and use some judgment but we know that’s not a good or scalable strategy! I’m sure this is on the Glide team’s radar but you could make a feature request. I’m sure they’ve had enough of those from me today! :grin:

yes, everything goes in app comments. Cannot edit. Can delete from data editor by right click.

Hahaaa :laughing: :laughing: Sure, will make a feature request…

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@Deena the @ mention also doesn’t work with the comments component … right?

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Unfortunately not. That one is a big deal for me too - I was going to put a feature request in for it but after my mad activity here today I thought I would wait a few days! :grin:

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I’ll put it today … atleast this way it’ll be little easy to track who is talking to whom.

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agreed, the comments could deserve more attention: reply to users (2 levels like on facebook or twitter), replies and the profiles should be clickable.


I’ve put a feature request on official feature request app

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