Move comments

I created a new application and moved all the data from the old drive file to the new drive file, but the comments did not appear in the new application. Is there a way to solve this?

Did you copy the App: Comments sheet as well to the new sheet?

No, I didn’t copy the application, but I created a new application… Then I copied all the data to the new file

I have two problems and I need to hire an expert to solve them

1- In the comments file, some times I used the ID, sometimes I used the phone number, and sometimes I used customer name …

I will send the customers file and the comments file and I need to unify all the comments with ID

2- The second problem: I created a new application and a new data file as well, and I need to upload all comments to the new application.

Did you use the comments component to let people comment?

If so, duplicating the app won’t transfer the comments over. More on that, if the comment has already been made, you can’t make any changes to that later since those are handled internally by Glide. What you see in the Sheet is just a log.

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