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I try to allow a lot of interaction in my app. So people can post their ideas and other can comment. As this is done in different sections, it is difficult for user to keep track what is going on where. So I added a list on the start screen to who the four newest entires. I tried to do the same with the comments. It is nice to see a list of the comments in my google sheet - but I cannot use it to create a list with the entries.
Any idea how I could solve that?


The comments component is set to display all comments of a particular topic that you define. As long as you use the same topic, the comments should appear on every screen.

Thank @Robert_Petitto

I try to list all comments in a separate list. Glide lists the comments in a separate spreadsheet. But I can not use these entries to create a list or to further work with them.

If you have people posting stuff and other comment on it, then one always has to go back to the original post. That is why I wanted to have a separate list to show the newest comments in order to point people to these posts and further contribute

No, but you can make a read-only copy of the App: Comments sheet and use that in your app.

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That sounds like a plan. How do I do that in order that it stays dynamic and lists all entries?

You can use an arrayformula. Something like this:

=ARRAYFORMULA(IF('App: Comments'!A1:F="","",'App: Comments'!A1:F))
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You’d have to use an array formula to bring those comment rows into a new sheet that Glide can view within the app. Perfectly possible but will eat into your row quota

the row quota is not a problem - but I wonder how I can link the comments back to the original entries?
And what is the advantage of the array formula to an ordinary reference to the cell?

The advantage of an arrayformula is that it automatically expands as new rows are added to the source sheet. If you were using direct cell references, you’d have to add a new formula row in the target sheet every time a new comment is added.

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Great, that helps. Thanks @Darren_Murphy
do you have an idea how I can link the comments back to the original entries?

You can link by the Topic.
But it kind of depends what you are trying to with them.
You can display these as an inline list and filter and sort them however you want.
But if you’re wanting to use these as a drop in replacement for the actual comments component, that won’t work.

works perfect! Thanks again.

Another question: The app: comment Table lists the username of the one commenting. Where can I assess this information? all my user have to login via email-address. I have a table to save all this info. But it does not record the Username there. Any idea?

As far as I’m aware, it would use whichever column you defined for Name in your User Profiles configuration


ok, thanks