Comments not syncing properly

It seems that comments are not syncing properly.

I was called because a person could not see any comments he made in the past in the app. I tried to post comments to test what was the problem. I do not know what is the cause but nevertheless I will post for heads-up.

First message I made was about 40 mins ago.

Last comment I made was about 10 mins ago.
Testing 2

In the screenshots you can see that one is showing in the app but is not showing in the google sheet. The other one is showing in the google sheet buy not in the app.

I am at work right now so cannot go into it further. Just heads up if things seems to be acting up.

Are there any rows written to the bottom of that Sheet?

What are you using for the comments component topic? Does that topic column value ever change? Is it empty in some cases?

Glide populates each comment with an ID and the Topic we setup earlier, so that it can match the comments to the right topic in the app.

Make sure Topic is a Row ID or Unique Key column