All my comments disappeared

I was deleting a specific comment in one of comment components, and suddenly all my comment components completely disappeared. Has this happened to anyone?
My app:comments sheet is still my google sheets but im not seeing it in glide!

Did you delete the component, not the comment by error?

I dont think so, but if I did, is there a way to get it back?

When I tried to add the comments components it didn’t contain any of the comments I had previously

I would almost have to think that if the value for the topic that was specified for the comments component is the same as what the topic was before, then it should potentially contain the same comments. I’m not completely sure on that though. Are you sure that the Topic setting for the comments component is pointing to the same column as before, and that the column contains the same value? Comments become linked to that topic, so if the topic value ever changes, then that could cause comments to disappear.


YES!! you were right! That was such an easy fix! I’m so relieved! thank you, thank you, thank you