Comment does not disappear APP

I would like to know why the comment is not disappearing from the application?

More than 7 days ago I added the comment component and did a test, then I deleted the comment from the Google Sheets worksheet and it is still appearing in the App.

Where to be saved? somewhere in “cahce” in the glide, how do I exclude that?

Comments are all internal within glide. The app: comments sheet is only a log of comments made and not linked to the app.

Here’s how to delete comments.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager for solving my problem.

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That doesn’t work today. Am I missing something?

If I delete the the comments and the Comments component and add it again, the old comments are still there. ?

ETA: Sorry, I wasn’t precise enough with my right-click. The 'Delete Comment" option was hiding behind the 'Move Up", etc. context menu. Whew!