Old comments previously deleted - just reappeared

Any ideas why, and how it can be resolved ? They were deleted probably a week ago - and now reappeared. This triggered a whole bunch of zapier emails, as we have zaps triggered off new comments.

Also - why do comments in the sheet not show up in the data section .

Thanks in advance.

Here’s how to delete comments (by Jeff)

Thanks Wiz.

Does not work for me, as I believe I have deleted whatever they were attached to , so there is nowhere in the app that I am able to ‘see’ them to delete them the way described on that link.

I just wanted them out of the sheet because they are annoying and unrelated (belong to a template that i started with).

Not a huge deal, I could have left them there, but because (of course) i did not know “you can’t delete them in the sheet” I deleted them.

It worked fine, until… a week later, they all reappeared for no reason that I’m aware of, and because they appeared as ‘new rows’ - they triggered a bunch of zapier emails. Super annoying, and could have been way worse, as client emails triggers are wired up to certain zaps, just thank goodness not that.


Hmmm, this probably calls for attention at leadership level. It might be a bug. Why not reach out to Mark, one of the leaders, and show him a clip…If it is a bug, I am sure they would like to know.

I can think of a time when it happened to me, but that was only because my sheet was corrupted. I deleted the comments sheet, which was automatically replaced with a new one when new comments started flowing in.

You worn’t see them in the app. I don’t want to prejudge things here, but I have a slight feeling that a sheet might be corrupted.


Can you also check to see if your zaps are not misfiring.

Thanks a lot @Wiz.Wazeer, that’s concerning if the sheet can get corrupted, i have a lot of clients on it, I definitely can’t afford a blowout.

The zaps fired perfectly… New rows show up in the comments sheet, and they fired. The problem was that these were not really new comments. They were old comments that just ‘reappeared’ .

I would make a screen record if I could reproduce it, but it literally was a week after, so only choice to 'prove ’ it would be with screen shots, so maybe I will try that .


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